Welcome to HinterlandHomegrown.com – a Blog that helps people to create a happy and healthy life by getting back to basics: simple green living and traditional and ancient life-skills.


My name is Brooke Palframan and I’m a married Mum of two boys blogging as a creative hobby.  I live on 1.5 acres in a small town in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, in Queensland, Australia.  We have a beautiful subtropical climate, and being on a mountain, are blessed with lots of rain and mostly mild weather – perfect for food growing!

I am writing this blog to keep a record of my journey to a simpler, more relaxed and joyful life.  I hope I can inspire you and help show you how to get there too.

Everything you and I do in our lives can be made uncomplicated and taken back to the essentials so that we can be less busy, stressed and overwhelmed. We can do this to create a contented life with time for what matters to us.

Back to basics living is homegrown living

Our basic needs can be met mainly at home; we can be more self-reliant.  I think that there is a lot of satisfaction and enjoyment in living this way.  Some of the ways we are providing for our basic needs for survival and happiness at home are:

  • growing, cooking, storing and preserving our food
  • being more self-reliant and making things from scratch like soap and bread
  • exploring how to live off-grid and eco-friendly with Permaculture design
  • saving money for peace of mind and to be able to buy more life experiences
  • developing a happy and resilient mind
  • decluttering the home and caring for what we have
  • creating more free time and relaxing more by cutting back on “work” we do
  • spending more quality time with family, friends and neighbours
  • living more compassionately by being vegan
  • getting out into nature more and Rewilding.

I’m also interested in how traditional cultures provide for their basic needs and live well. I think we can learn a lot from traditional cultures and ancient societies.

I would like it if you can join me on my journey to becoming more happy and healthy by living simply and green and getting back to basics.

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Thank you for reading my blog today and I look forward to hearing from you.

Much love and kindness,



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