10 delicious things that are better homegrown and handmade

Have you ever made something by hand and thought how incredible the quality was compared to shop-bought?  Like warm homemade bread, a rich pasta sauce or golden apricot jam?

There are so many things we buy that we can easily grow or make ourselves and get huge benefits from doing so, like:

  • saving money
  • improved flavour
  • sense of accomplishment and self-reliance
  • avoiding preservatives and chemicals
  • less or no packaging, so much more earth friendly
  • little waste
  • fun and meaningful time with family creating from scratch together
  • enjoyment of a new hobby

The best things to try and grow or make from scratch ourselves or with our family are those that can be made very easily and will have superior qualities to the same item at the supermarket.

Of course sometimes it’s impossible to make your own because it’s too time consuming or complicated, costly or not very fun for you or the rest of the family.  I understand.  We only have so many hours in the day to spend with each other that we want to be doing things together that we love and not because we feel burdened that we have to.


I think you will find making the following ten things so much fun and easy to do by yourself or with your kids.  As a bonus you will make substantial savings compared to buying the finished product and the taste is so amazing and complex that commercial products don’t even compare.

  1. Baking homemade bread
  2. Growing heirloom slicing tomatoes
  3. Making a rich passata (pasta sauce) from the tomatoes
  4. Basil pesto with homegrown basil
  5. Growing garlic with its earthy and pungent homegrown flavour
  6. Whipping up a batch of creamy hummus
  7. Baking a chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream icing
  8. Creating pizzas with your own dough bases with herbs cooked into the crust
  9. Cooking a quick and tasty noodle stir fry with veggies and herbs from the garden
  10. Growing shelling peas that melt in your mouth

We can teach our kids valuable life skills when we grow or create from scratch with them in the garden and kitchen.  They will learn to cook, grow their own food, feel more confident, have fun with their family and grow closer together and find out that they can provide for themselves rather than rely on the shops.

What do you grow or cook from scratch at home that is so much better homemade? 


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