First steps to simple living Part 2

Right now I’m sitting on the couch reading a Permaculture book and drinking coffee.  Bliss!  Before simplifying our housework and jobs at home I never got to do this.

Last week I spoke about how we have created more free time and happiness in our home.  We did this by lowering our household standards; the house doesn’t need to be spotlessly clean.

We also got rid of most of the housework and kept only the essential jobs.  Each job has a day to do it on. Each job takes 5-15 minutes.  So now we never have to have a big cleaning sesh ever again.

Family noticeboard

Next we got organised.  We created a family noticeboard.

Hung in the kitchen we see it all the time.  All the essentials for a smooth running home are listed: weekly meals, weekly housework, essential daily jobs, upcoming bigger jobs, and the shopping list.

We give no thought to what needs to be done next because we have it all written down. No time is wasted thinking of what needs doing. And nothing gets forgotten.

It’s a must-have for us.  So is our organisation station.

Organisation station

Do you lose your keys? Can’t find the phone charger? Are you late for work or frustrated because of it? Get an organisation station.

We have a corner where we put everything we need to use everyday so we always know where it is.

We also have a big sturdy wooden box there to hold what we need.

As you can see bags and items needed for the next day go in this corner.  So do phones, keys etc.

The box is home to phone chargers, coins, pens, notebooks etc.  Yes it gets a little messy and needs to be whipped into shape sometimes!

The 4 basics to a simple organised home

The four basics of organisation I’ve explored in this and the previous post may seem small but they have been sanity savers.

There’s less frustration and stress in our home because we know where things are that we need on a daily basis.  We know what needs to be done next to keep a smooth-running and clean home.  And no-one runs out of undies because we forgot to do the washing!

Do you have any tips for how you organise and simplify your home?


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