How to stick to your grocery budget

Do you find yourself going way over your grocery budget each week but don’t know how to fix it? Here are some simple changes to your grocery routine that I hope will help you.

Changes to the grocery shopping and cooking to save money

Up until this week we were spending more than $50 to $100 over our set grocery amount.  This really impacts our budget so we have less for emergency and general savings or less for bills.

This week we made a few changes to how we meal plan, shop and cook.  So far we have only spent our budget of $250 and this is what we did:

Ordered an organic and in-season fruit and vegetable box so we have fresh produce that lasts 2 weeks instead of 2 days (organic is healthier for us and the planet too).  We will use it all up too since it costs a little more – no waste and wasted money.  We get ours from Bornstate Food Co. The box was full of diverse fresh food and good value for money.

Planned our meals and snacks for the week around the fruit and veg box and what is already in the fridge and pantry.

Decided not to shop again until the next grocery order so that we aren’t buying things during the week that aren’t in the budget. Each trip to the shop is usually only a small spend but a few trips really add up and blow out the budget.

Bought a lot of homebrand items.  Some products we have found are not of high quality like baked beans but for basic things like tinned tomatoes the generic brand is fine and half the price.

Bought flour for baking some foods that we eat a lot of.  We make some of our own crackers and sweet biscuits to save on the high cost of processed food.  Yesterday we made jam drops.

Used leftovers and small items of food (e.g. ends of tomatoes and onions).

Went without if something ran out or substituted with something else (unless it was toiletries, milk, bread or baby food).

Small changes add up over time and are easier to do

Making small changes like these to how you shop and cook food can really add up to big savings over time because you are able to consistently stick to your grocery budget.

It can be hard at first to change the way you meal plan, shop and cook.  But even trying one or two of the above actions will help you to start to spend less on groceries and stay on track with your budget.

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Image credit: Paul Watkins

How do you save money on groceries?


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