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Hi! I’m Brooke Palframan. I’m a married Mum of two living on 1.5 acres in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, Queensland, Australia.


I’ll share with you how I’m slowing down and living more eco-friendly at home.

By taking actions towards a simpler and more sustainable life you will increase your self-sufficiency and food security.  You will also get to grow and eat beautiful organic food and save a huge amount of money along the way.

Slowing down and simplifying key areas of your life means that you free up time for what matters most to you.

You will also learn valuable life skills and teach them to your family.

To try to be more eco-friendly and sustainable is to live in an ethical and honourable way that cares for our earth that supports us.  Because it’s the only one we have, and she gives us so much.

Read about why I’m creating a self-sufficient life.


You don’t have to make big changes or live without.  A self-sufficient simple life is a rich and engaging way to live.

Take one area of your life and start making little changes there: food, home, money or mind.

Just start where you are, use what you have, and do what you can.

FOOD: Grow your own food and cook from scratch

  • Grow your own tasty vegetables, fruits and herbs
  • Experiment with growing some of your own medicine, cosmetics, cut flowers, cleaners and home and garden supplies
  • Cook delicious plant-based (vegan) meals and condiments with fresh and basic ingredients (some straight from your garden!)
  • Experiment with fermented and cultured food
  • Find out how to store the harvest properly

HOME: Create a natural, healthy and slow home

  • Clean your home with natural homemade  cleaners and keep it toxin-free
  • Craft and make home supplies and toiletries
  • Simplify your housework and family routines and free up time
  • Declutter your possessions and make room to breathe

MONEY: Save money and work less

  • Learn how to spend less and save more so you can cut back on working time or spend money on what you value
  • Become more self-reliant and produce more of what you need and save even more

MIND: Change your mind to think simply and want less

  • Change your thinking to want less and be more
  • Value personal and family time over achieving and social image
  • Allow yourself to quit the busywork and enjoy your family and time at home

Does this sound good to you? Then let’s get started!


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