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A website created for you to learn about easy homegrown and handmade simple living for busy people.


Hello lovely!  I’m Brooke, a thirty-something married Mum of two.  The four of us live in our forever home on 1.5 acres in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, Queensland, Australia.

I’m a busy working Mum (and you probably work too!) and my family and I are having quite an adventure right now learning a lot about living more simply at home.  It’s our long-held dream to be self-sufficient on a little bit of land (and have fun whilst getting there!).


I have created this website just for you.  I know that you are very busy and dearly want to reduce stress in your life.  You’ve heard about simple living and self-sufficiency and think this might be a good way to live a slower life.

You really, really want to have more time with your precious family and get outside in the sunshine and fresh air.  But you are important too, so you would like a bit of me time as well.

You love to cook and try new recipes and want to grow some of your food.  

You think homegrown flavour is better than supermarket-bought.  You are like me and get a little bit excited about picking something delish from the garden to make a meal from.

There’s lots of things you want to get creative with and make by hand for your home because it’s so much fun and you do like the sense of self reliance.

You have a deep love for nature and it’s important to you to live lightly on the earth that supports you and your family.  You want to leave behind a healthy planet for your kids to thrive on.


I’m creating a handbook for you here at Hinterland Homegrown where you can learn from easy how-to’s and inspiring real-life stories about:

  • Food: growing, cooking and preserving
  • Home: organising, cleaning and making by hand
  • Life: simplifying, saving money and giving back to the earth and others

You and I are short on time and wanting to reduce debt so I only ever share with you quick and cheap ways to get things done.

Come along with my family and I and experiment in living the kind of life we both want: homegrown, handmade, simple, slow and self-sufficient.


Find out how my family and I came to be living a simpler life.  

We think a life that is slow | simple | self-sufficient is a good path to health and happiness.


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Thank you for visiting here today.  I hope this website helps you and your family find a joyful, natural and meaningful way forward in your life.  


Get started today on your path to a simpler and happier life by staying awhile here and reading the blog posts and resources.  Follow the blog (enter your e-mail address at the top of this page) if you want to know when a blog post is published for you to read.


“Live simply so that others can simply live”
– Mahatma Gandhi

“The only ethical decision is to take responsibility for our own existence and that of our children.

– Bill Mollison, father and co-founder of Permaculture
(in Permaculture – A Designer’s Manual)