Home Plan and Progress

I’m a planning type of person, and need everything written down and goals to work towards.  If that is you, you might like the following plan for a self-sufficient and simple life.

I’ll be adding to this plan over time, and ticking off and dating each action when it is completed.  I think it is important to date the actions, as you will be able to see how it has taken us to get to our goal whilst we are working full-time.

It is my hope that this may become a guide for you and others interested in this way of living.  Although it is only one way of doing things.  I myself like to read about how others are living the good life, as it inspires me and gives me ideas.

I have made the plan according to our needs.  I have listed everything I believe we need to take care of to survive and also live a happy and fulfilling life.

If you think there might be something that can be added to this plan, please Contact Me.  I would love to hear your ideas.

Food – Growing

Prepare kitchen garden beds for cool season 2017 (16/04/17)

  • Plant seeds for cool season 2017
  • Grow white cabbage for saurkraut (see Food – Preserving and Storing)

Food – Cooking

  • Find new basil pesto recipe

Food – Preserving and Storing

  • Setup shelving in Laundry for preserves
  • Setup wire enclosed shelving in garage for starchy food storage (pumpkins, potatoes and carrots)
  • Store all washed jars and containers in secondhand plastic buckets in Laundry
  • Buy fermenting crock and make saurkraut

Food – Medicine

  • Setup medicine herb garden next to kitchen garden (some ideas: Feverfew, Echinacea, Comfrey, St Johns Wort, Valerian, Chamomile, Aloe Vera)

People – Hygiene

  • Make Castile soap bars
  • Find recipe to make liquid Castile soap (is this possible?)
  • Make toothpaste from coconut oil
  • Start oil pulling with coconut oil every morning

People – Clothing

  • Minimise wardrobe to 30 items (not including underwear, togs and exercise gear)

People – Self-Care: Physical, Mental/Emotional Health and Spirituality

  • Practice meditation and yoga every morning (in progress)
  • Walk outside in the sunshine every day (in progress)
  • Take Omega-3 flax capsules daily for brain health and wellbeing (in progress)

People – Finding Time for Family

  • Schedule in a bushwalk once every 2 months

People – Simplifying and slowing down

  • Simplify housework routine (do less!)
  • Schedule in time for hobbies and down-time

Home – Organisation and Decluttering

Clean out fridge (19/04/17)

  • Declutter bedrooms
  • Declutter lounge room
  • Declutter kitchen
  • Declutter office
  • Declutter filing cabinet
  • Declutter desk
  • Declutter bathroom
  • Declutter linen cupboard
  • Declutter laundry
  • Declutter garage
  • Declutter shed
  • Clear kitchen benches of appliances (clean benches = clear mind!)

Home – Cleaning (home and clothes)

  • Make orange peel general cleaner
  • Make creamy silver cleaner
  • Make gel laundry liquid when needed (24/04/17)

Home – Maintenance, Repairs and Structures

  • Setup greenhouse
  • Add deck
  • Landscape front-yard so it is family-activity friendly (less steep, no rock walls for snakes to hide in)

Home – Beauitfying (because it makes us smile!)

  • Create hallway of ancestral and family photos

Home – Retrofit for Off-Grid Living

  • Install 5kW solar array (battery-ready and grid-connected)
  • Install header gravity-feed tank in front yard (for garden watering and back-up in power outage)
  • Install Tesla Powerwall solar battery
  • Clean out septic and greywater (bi-annually)